About Evelyn

Evelyn Cartagena-MeyerEvelyn was born in New York and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. In the east coast she is known as a Nuyorican.  Evelyn is bilingual (English/Spanish). She moved to Denver in 1992 from Puerto Rico, she loves spending time with her beautiful family, the mountains, salsa dancing, hiking and enjoys the beautiful sunny days here in Colorado.

She attended Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico and obtained her degree in Business. After working in the corporate world for many years, she got laid off in 2009 and decided to become an entrepreneur to help and make a difference in other people’s lives and the world.

Last year Evelyn had tingling on her left side of her body, her husband took her to Urgent Care, cost $350, they sent her to the ER for an MRI, another $5500 out of pocket with traditional health insurance.  There was nothing wrong with her, that they could find, normal.

Through a referral Evelyn found a new product, that is affordable and covers Preventative and Primary care for individuals, families and groups and now is very passionate on helping and educating others on how to save on healthcare.  On the new product the above episode would have only cost $320!

She is on a mission to empower Americans to gain knowledge in the healthcare industry, there is a better way than traditional insurance.

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